Friday, November 29, 2013


We are very excited to welcome you to one of the online spaces we will use in our new Mentoring EVO session in 2014.

Before the action kicks in in earners on 13th January, you can sign up for the session here, you can find our Facebook Page here and our Facebook Group here.

This blog is run by the whole team and we we encourage participants to share their reflections and their answers to the weekly discussions here. We are very happy to host mentoring related-guest posts from present and past EVO participants and anyone with a shared passion for mentoring in ELT.

Our first (get-to-know you) task is to tell us
3things everyone needs to know about you
2 things only few people know about you
1 reason for joining the mentoring EVO session

Here's Tamas's introduction from last year as a taster.

You can use any platform or technical solution from pen and paper to shooting your own video.
If you need help, let us know:

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