Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Our first real-time event

We are very excited to confirm that our first real-time event will take place on Blackboard collaborate and our partners will be the brand new Mentoring Special Interest Group of IATEFL Hungary.

Hungary has been a hotbed for mentoring in ELT. Caroline Bodoczky and Angi Malderez started their work on mentor courses in the early 1990s in Hungary when they worked with some of the pioneers of English Language Teaching in Hungary. Their book for mentor courses has been an essential part of in- and pre-service professional development courses ever since.

Since then mentoring as a means of professional development has been a very important component of training courses in Hungary.

Hundreds of novice English teachers have taken part in mentor courses in Hungary, which eventually led to the creation of a Special Interest Group in IATEFL Hungary with the support of two champions of mentoring in Hungary: Judit Revesz and Uwe Pohl.

We invited the Mentoring SIG to share their experiences with organising, conducting and being participants of mentoring courses.

Some of the topics we are going to discuss with them:
1. Why mentoring?
2. How did it start?
3. What has kept it going?
4. What are the aims of the SIG?
5. How can mentoring be integrated into one's personal and professional development agenda?

We will also have trainers and participants from mentor courses share their experiences, and some anecdotes.

A bonus is that the Mentor SIG will sign in from the American Embassy in Budapest, Hungary, thanks to the generous support of the Regional English Language Office, especially George M. Chinnery and Gergő Sántha. (They are also on Facebook)

We hope you will be able to join  us if you have any questions or comments, leave a comment and we'll make sure to ask them at the event.

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